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Omni-Channel Campaign Measurement

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Measure Marketing Activity in Any Channel

The Attributor's patented matching covers the modern marketing mix including display ad impressions, email, website logs, phones, connected TV, direct mail, radio, retail trade areas, and CRM records.


$0.75 per Thousand

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You do it yourself – pay only for the records processed.

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Optimize Your Marketing Workflow

Use campaign results to optimize future spend by rebalancing marketing channel investments. Automate measurement of ad server impression, purchases, and store activity to constantly improve ROI.

Measure, Analyze, Repeat

Regional distributors, online storefronts, and major national brands benefit by being able to match trade areas and store traffic back to purchase activity.

Making Campaign Measurement Actionable

Every matched and unmatched record is identified and profiled by home and business. Compare demographic trends or retarget and mail indications of interest.

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Best Attribution Solution

"The Attributor" provides marketers a true deterministic multi-platform attribution solution, which is *not* limited by traditional cookie or device matching. The Attributor's precise matching process links together all online, offline and location touch points for a prospect – measuring performance of the delivery of impressions, email blasts, direct mail, website visits and even in-store visits and purchases.